Recommended Products

Google Products: Google offers a fantastic range of products, free to the user.  We believe that modern businesses can make significant savings by using Google's products.
  • Gmail
  • Google Sites
  • Android o/s smartphones
Microsoft: Of course we recommend Microsoft's products.  They are almost ubiquitous, however they come at a price that some simply cannot afford, especially as Microsoft ensures that newer products are a must-have.

Linux: Linux Open Source products represent a treasure chest of excellent products that you can have without paying for them.  C4B has used Ubuntu Linux products for more than five years now, thus keeping the company's running cost low:
  • Ubuntu (Kubuntu) desktop
  • Libre Office products (instead of Microsoft Office)
  • Mediatomb or Kwonky (for media servers)
  • Chrome and Firefox for web browsing
  • Ubuntu One for cloud computing
  • Edubuntu for a fantastic suite of educational software - free!
Drobo products for Business continuity and disaster recovery: Modern businesses are very reliant on their computer systems.  Drobo has an excellent range of products to suit all users from home workers to industrial-strength Storage-Area Networks (SAN).  These products can be either second or third-line backups for businesses.  But there's more to business continuity than buying a Drobo.  We can help you make your IT resilient and dependable without breaking the bank.

Apple: Apple has a beautifully integrated suite of products which comes at a price, of course.  For graphics, publishing and video pro's there's nothing better however Apple also runs many Windows standard applications such as Office and many more.  You also have immunity from many viruses, which tend to be Windows only.