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Reducing Spend

Too often the advice given to business is "buy this solution and you will save money in the long run" or "we have discounted this computer heavily so you are getting a real bargain".  We have seen this kind of sales approach on a massive scale in Government departments - and it takes real confidence to say "no".  Or does it?  Answer these questions before you buy:
  1. How will I measure whether or not what I'm about to buy has delivered benefit?
  2. Will my business continue to be profitable/efficient if I don't buy this?
  3. Do I really need to buy this now?  Why?
  4. Can I use something I already have to achieve the same thing?
  5. If it's a hardware purchase - I know it will be cheaper in six months time, so can I wait?
If you can't answer these questions then we will help you find the answers.  Fast.  Then you will be making well-informed decisions about your purchases.

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