Where can we help?

  • "buying solutions": only to find out that the "solution" becomes the "problem".  We will help you take a step back:
  1. We will sanity-check what it will cost and what is the real benefit to your business?
  2. Is this the only solution, or is there something else, perhaps something that is "free"?
  3. Will the solution tie you in to a long-term relationship?  What if it will?
  • "project overruns": "our projects are always overrunning".  Does this happen to you?  That's the project manager's fault, isn't it?
  1. Well, to be frank, no.  It's rarely the project manager's fault, and we will show you why.  We have been immersed in Prince 2 and ITIL environments for many years.  We pinpoint how and why projects go wrong, and we will quickly identify the issues and how they can be put right.
  2. If it is the project manager's fault, then we will support both you and the project manager(s) with advice that will enable you both to succeed.  We support rather than divide and conquer.
  • "buying new hardware": all too often businesses are told that they must have a "technical refresh".  We will help you to "say no".
  1. The reality is that many hardware purchases are premature.  In all but the rarest circumstances, such as last year's flooding in Thailand - which pushed hard drive prices skyward for the last month of 2011 and first month of 2012 - hardware prices go down and computing power increases over time. 
  2. Don't be fooled by manufacturer's hefty discounts (on hardware that is probably going to be obsolete by the time it's deployed).
  3. Get your business goals right and design an architecture that supports your business goals, not the other way around.
  • "buying new software": "the best of breed syndrome".  We'll help you either find a different breed, at lower cost, or support your decision.
  1. "Best of breed" normally means "mainstream", and normally means hefty licence costs over the lifetime of your business.